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Photo d'équipe d'ATARA Equipement Ltée

Our team


Atara™ Team is composed of men and women who have recognized expertise, but also brings a touch of diversity that enhances the company's  versatility.

From design to production, Atara™ build its expertise from the powerful experience and innovative minds of each individuals.

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The combined experience

within our team enhances our skills.

Our team has been working in this industry for several years at Atara. And some for more than 30 years at Atara™ . 

An active production 

with more than 10,000 m of screws and equipments manufactured in our facilities .

A sound knowledge

in solid handling in water, waste water in both municipal and industrial application.

Designed quality

Due to the way we manufacture our products, we are recognized for the value we provide to our clients.

A professional team

that is always available to support our clients in all possible situations.

Our technical support

 is  always proactive and not reactive.

A diverse catalogue of product

Due to the fact that we manufacture our own equipment at our facility, quality of material being used is guaranteed and custom designs of all product are available upon request.

We offer a speedy after market sales (spare parts service).

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ATARA EQUIPEMENT 1552 rue terrebonne hiver

Our installations

Atara™ is located in Canada, within the Greater Montreal area, and more precisely in the city of Terrebonne, Province of Quebec.

Our production is therefore 100% Canadian.

In our 12,000 square foot facility, we have all the tools for design and manufacture of our equipment including:

  1. Live bottom hoppers,

  2. Screening / grit / sludge conveyors

  3. Compactors,

  4. Classifiers,

  5. Grit & sand classifiers 

  6. Also including a wide range of products,


Our quality of service  :

  1.  Optimal manufacturing

  2.  Expedited deliveries from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts

ATARA EQUIPEMENT 1552 rue terrebonne été
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