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ATARA - Équipe Ingénieur
ATARA - Inspection
ATARA - Conseil


Our technical team is  highly qualified to provide advise on modifying and improving existing equipment, repairing old conveyors, and optimizing plant performance and operational costs.


Atara™ provides regular advice to customers on the sizing of their shafted and shaftless screws, taking into account the type and flow of material, and the torque required to achieve the desired outcome.


Additionally, we offer on-site visits with our experts to perform a complete evaluation of the performance and condition of existing equipment, including troughs, spirals, liners, and gear drive systemss.


Our team has the necessary expertise to guide you in selecting the best compromise between cost and quality when determining the material selection, type of liners, seals, and screw conveyors.

ATARA - Optimisation



Our technical team utilizes high-precision calculations to provide equipment and motor performance that perfectly matches the customer's operational needs.



With years of experience in both municipal and industrial fields, ranging from single conveyor installations to large-scale installations with multiple conveyors and technically complex processes, ATARA™ excels in managing large projects. 

ATARA™ consistently meets and exceeds industry standards specified in contracts.


ATARA -  Bureau d'étude


Our technical team specializes in designing custom-made equipment that perfectly caters to the needs of our clients while also adhering to economic and environmental constraints. 


To achieve this, we work with AutoCAD and Inventor 3D design tools that allow us to create a detailed representation of the equipment in its environment, as well as for spare parts and workshop drawings.

Moreover, Atara™ can provide assistance in sizing shafted and shaftless screws by considering the material flow and required torque to achieve the desired result.

ATARA -Soudage d'acier inoxydable


Atara Equipment Ltd has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and assembling equipment and screws in their facilities for nearly 20 years. As a result, they provide a complete selection of locally produced equipment, ensuring the highest quality of welds and materials.


Moreover, Atara offers prompt maintenance services in the event of any issues and can produce replacement parts quickly. The metal components are first laser-cut and then either bent or rolled.

During the assembly process, their team of welders is meticulous in preventing any deformations to ensure that the equipment delivered to the site is of impeccable quality. 

ATARA - Soudage de vis sans âme
ATARA - Usinage de disque


Atara™ is recognized for its expertise in offering clients the highest level of technical support and on-site service


 Their on-site services include  :

  • Supervision of installation and support for start-up

  • Training for operators on the proper use and maintenance of equipment.

  • On-site maintenance and repair services

  • Replacement of spare parts

  • Performance inspections

ATARA - Formation sur site

Learn more about R&D

At Atara™, we never compromise on quality and consistently strive to offer our clients the highest standards, which is why we place significant importance on research and development.

We use our test unit to examine new materials that are to be conveyed, compacted, mixed, dewatered, or separated at any given time. We also gather as much data as possible regarding the operation of our equipment, including wear and tear, energy consumption, and capacity to convey materials, in order to optimize their performance.


In our pursuit of facilitating operations and maintenance for our equipment, we persist in researching and proposing new methods. We conduct destructive tests on our screws to study the phenomenon of fatigue and corrosion and provide our customers with better guidance on their applications.

We also enhance our theoretical calculation methods related to the sizing of our screws by increasing simulations and conducting actual tests.


Don't hesitate to submit your new projects to our R&D team for an evaluation of their technical feasibility.

ATARA - Recherche et développement
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