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Product handled

Biosolids Municipal Sludge (Centrifugal)
& SSO (Source Separated Organics)
Biosolids Sludge (Belt Press)
Biosolids Sludge (Rotary Press)
Wet Screenings
Offal / Carcasses
Compacted Screnings
Waste Water Grit
Recycled Shredded Plastic
Stone, Gravel and Sand
Shredded Tires
Pulp Paper
Steel Pellets and Balls
Sulfate Carbonate
Bitumen / Tar
Wood chips / Saw dust
Styrofoam Dust Compaction
Centrifugal / Belt press
Rotary Press / Wet screenings
Recycled shredded plastic / Stone, gravel and sand
Offal-Carcasses / Biomass
Compacted screenings / waste water grit
Steel pellets and balls / sulfate carbonate
Shredded tires / Pulp paper
Wood chips / saw dust
Bitumen - Tar / Feathers
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