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Who are we ?

Atara™  has a solid reputation with shaftless screw conveyors design and installation for WWTP and Industries throughout North America since 1967.

 Atara™ designs and manufactures shaftless screw: live bottoms, conveyors, compactors, classifiers, channel screens and grit chambers.

Atara™ is recognized as a leader in its field, with over 450 installations in waste water treatment plants, and more than 150 in diverse industries throughout North America and Europe.

As each application is very specific in nature, our experienced staff will design standard and /or custom equipment to meet our client’s needs.

Talk about our values.

       Atara™ is:

  • More than 70 years of combined experience

  • More than 33.000 ft of screw sold

  • A strong image in the management of environmental challenges

  • A know how dedicated to serving the waste water industry

  • The alliance of experience and reliability for demanding customers.

  • High quality products

  • Custom manufactured equipment

  • Professional teams

  • Technical support: during and after installation

  • Aftermarket sales


Atara Equipment Ltd is located in Canada, in the Greater Montreal area, more precisely in the city of Terrebonne, Province of Quebec. 

100% Canadian manufacturing.

We have all the necessary equipment to manufacture all types of shaftless screw equipment : live bottoms, conveyors, compactors, classifiers, channel screens and grit chambers, inside our 12 000 square feet facility. 

Our exceptional quality, service and logistics programs ensure deliveries on time coast-to-coast for our North and South American clients.

Research and development

The Atara™ team is always working on offering the best products to its customers.

To do so, we grant a lot of importance to research and development. 

Our test benches and test machines allow us to test new materials to convey, compact, mix dewater, and separate on a daily basis.

We collect as much data as possible on our equipment efficiency, life expectancy of all our products and also energy consumption as well as degradation of material being conveyed. 

We are also working hard on finding new methods to make it easier to maintain and operate our products.

Performing destructive testing on our screws in order to better understand the effects of stress on materials used in our manufacturing process, in order to give you the best spiral for your application.

Atara™ has developed a calculation software to size shaftless screws by combining our theoretical calculation models and digital simulations with our practical studies and real trials.


Atara™ possesses a unique expertise based on 50 years in this field, shop, office, plant operators and engineers experience, in addition to individuals know-how.

Atara™ has also developed innovative technologies as vertical grit chambers and also vertical grit classifiers.

Our combined 50 years of experience in bulk material handling has allowed us to make a name for ourselves, based upon our knowledge, our high quality products and our experienced team.

A different know-how : 

  • Listening to our clients' needs

  • A simplified approach toward the end user

  • Constantly striving to technically improve our products

  • Inflexible on quality

Who are we ?
Research and development
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