Wear liners

Lime Preparation Tank

Shaftless Screws
Horizontal Conveyor

Totally tight to control the smell and the leak, they are designed to carry more than 60m³/h of sticky, slimy or stringy materials and all types of materials susceptible of clogging or forming keystone.

Until 45 meters of length for only one conveyor, the absence of ball bearings at the end allows direct connexions when the progression of carrying materials require serial several conveyors which are horizontal, inclined or vertical.

The maintenance of the conveyors is simple and their use particularly affordable.

  • Screenings conveyor capacity : 4 m³/hr

  • Trough fill rate : 37%

  • Spiral speed : 15 rpm


Due to lack of space between the wall and conveyor, the gear drive is a space saving right angle model. Safety devices included are 1 motion sensor, 1 safety cable pull switch and 1 shock relay.

The screenings conveyor receives screenings from two (2) bar screen's, (the middle chute is for future expansion). The conveyor transports the screenings to a screenings washer compactor, the washer compactor washes the organics off the screenings the compacts and dewaters the screenings.

Inclined Conveyor

The shaftless screw conveyors are daily used to carry and to raise material until 45° inclination.

Sludge conveyor capacity : 10.19 m³/hr

Trough fill rate : 50%

Spiral speed : 20 rpm

Angle of the conveyor : 40°

Gear drive located at the top of the inclined conveyor, 6-inch drain located at the bottom of the conveyor. The safety devices used are  motion sensors and shock relay.

The conveyor receives sludge from the centrifuge, transports the sludge up the conveyor and discharges the sludge into a raised horizontal out-loading conveyor. The out-loading conveyor discharges sludge through four (4)  discharge chutes, three (3) chutes have electrically operated slide gates, to distribute the sludge piles evenly across the trailer waiting below.  

Vertical Conveyor

They are suitable to carry materials sealing which cannot be pumped.

Atara Equipment is proud to have installed the higher shaftless screw conveyor in the world in 2002 for the extraction of 10m³/h of sand on 21 meters, equipment always on going.

Four (4) horizontal conveyors, one (1) vertical conveyor.

  • Sludge capacity : 169 ft3/hr

  • Trough fill rate : 35%

  • Spiral speed : 15-20 rpm

The safety devices used are safety cable pull switches, motion sensors and shock relays.

A vertical shaftless screw conveyor was selected to save space and efficiency.

​The centrifuge conveyor receives sludge from one (1) of the two (2) centrifuges, transports the sludge towards the vertical conveyor. The vertical conveyor lifts the sludge vertically and discharges axially through the bottom of the crossing conveyor, the crossing conveyor feeds one (1) of two (2) out-loading conveyors via opening and closing an electrically operated slide gate. Each out-loading discharge sludge through one (1) of four (4) discharge chutes (three (3)  of the four (4) discharge chutes have electrically operated actuators) one (1) discharge chute is open all the time. 

Out-Loading / Level Loading Conveyor

Installed overhead of skip or hopper, they optimised their filling with or without gate valves.

The out-loading system consists of one (1) crossing conveyor feeding two (2) out-loading conveyors.

  • Sludge capacity : 12 m³/hr

  • Trough fill rate : 45%

  • Speeds : 21 -23 rpm

The safety devices used are motion sensors, shock relays and level sensors.

The centrifuge conveyor receives sludge from one (1) of two (2) Centrifuges, transports the sludge to one (1) of the two (2) out-loading conveyors. The two (2) out-loading discharge sludge through five (5) discharge chutes, four (4) complete with pneumatic actuators, one (1) with out.

When the truck bay is empty the level sensors show there are no trailer present. Once the trailer is in position, the level sensors send a signal that the system is ready for sludge. Once the last discharge chute level sensor reaches it pre-set full level, the signal from the level sensor, either shuts the system down or transfers the sludge over to the others discharge conveyor. The full trailer will be removed and emptied.

Slide Gates

Thanks to their conception very robust, the slide gates Atara Equipment Ltd combine simplicity and efficiency. 100% waterproof when the application require it, the range of slide gates Atara Equipment Ltd combine perfectly with all types of screw conveyors. They can be actuated manually, pneumatically or electrically. 

Diverter Gates

Usually used to divert the product from one piece of equipment to another piece of equipment (as is the case of the photo shown). The diverter gate is also used to divert material form one chute to another.

In the case of the picture shown, there are two (2) shaftless screw conveyors located below the inlet chute, the diverter gate is located at the centre of the chute, bottom part of the diverter gate is secured to bearing either end of the chute, this allows the blade to pivot at the lower end. The position of the blade allows the material to be guided into the selected conveyor below.

The function of the blade can be operated by an electrical or pneumatic actuator. 

Multiple Conveyor System
Live Bottom Hopper

It can be in steel or in inox, the bottom of the Atara Equipment Hopper is equipped by a series of shaftless screw which allows a 100% draining. Their sizes can vary from less than 1m³ to hundreds of meter cube.

Live bottoms can only have one (1) screw or multiple screws at the bottom of a hopper.

A storage hopper can come in a variety of shapes, round, square, or in the case of what is shown in the picture rectangle hopper with twin live bottom screws. The capacity of the hopper is 100 m³.

The storage hopper rests on four (4) weigh scales, the weigh scales monitor the amount of sludge being discharged into the trailers and the remaining amount of sludge still in the hopper. The sludge exits the hopper via six (6) slide gates. Each discharge chute has a level sensor.

The level sensor monitor the pile heights in the trailer sending signals to open and close the appropriate slide gates, once the pre-selected pile heights have been reached and the weight of sludge in the trailer is correct the driver can remove the trailer.

Small LBB / Day bin
Roll Off Bin
In Ground Storage
Grit Chamber
Grit classifier

Details of the equipment.

Sink tanks
Channel screen

Details of the equipment.

Washer Compactor
Screw press
Powder dosing
Silo Unloading
Big bag stands ( Sodimate )
Tip sac hoppers
Shafted Screws
Horizontal conveyor
Inclined conveyor
Up-side down load out conveyor
Screw feeders

In order to correctly design a screw feeder system, there are certain parameters that have to be taken into account.

This is why Atara equipment individually designs and manufactures each system to meet the not only the clients footprint but also and possibly more important, the constraints of the clients product.


Simpler and accurate dosing systems designs are possible when incorporating shaftless spirals due to the shaftless spirals' ability to transport products at a 100% fill rate.

The hopper discharge (shaftless) spiral at 100% full delivers a constant volume of material.

The injector (axially connected to the hopper discharge conveyor) running a little faster than the hopper discharge spiral ensures a smooth and accurate flow of material.

Our products' design is made for increasing the accuracy of product delivery, while reducing the pulsing effect, (usually attributed to screw feeders).

Atara Equipment is currently supplying a double twin live bottom for to store and discharge sawdust and wood chips; the mixture is dosed out of the live bottoms using either 1 spiral or a combination of up-to 4 spirals to feed a crossing conveyor, which intern feeds the mixture into 2 mixers feeding the heating system.   

Flat Bottom Silo Unloading
Paddle Mixer
Spare parts and accessories
Shaftless spirals
Shafted spirals / Repair flights

Shaftless spiral stopping short of the compaction area, (perforated plate formed into a tube).

Wear liners
Gear drives and motors
Drive shafts
Packing glands and special seals
Intermediate bearings / bearings
Flexible chutes
Spiral brush
Motion sensors
Wear shoes
Wedge wire screen and basket
Safety cable pull switches
Shock relays
Local control panels
Controls (PLC / HMI )
Level sensors / Truck scales / Instrumentation
Lime preparation tank
Skid pump