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Atara Equipment Ltd

Your specifications, our solutions!

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Atara Equipement will continue its operations in Terrebonne
Our services


Answers for your material handling requirements : 

  • Standard and custom manufactured products 

  • Engineering solutions for your specific needs

  • Unique expertise in shaftless screw equipment.

Our products


Expertise in manufacturing Industrial equipment : 

  • Screw conveyors (shatless and shafted)

  • Screenings press

  • Screw compactors 

  • Schannel screens


Atara Equipment Ltd

Your needs, our solutions

Who are we ?

Atara™ has a solid reputation with shaftless screw conveyors design, fabrication and installation for WWTP and Industries throughout North America since 1967.

Atara™ designs and manufactures shaftless screws and a range of products: live bottoms, conveyors, compactors, classifiers, channel screens and grit chambers, in its facility in Terrebonne.

Atara™ is recognized as a leader in its field, with over 450 installations in waste water treatment plants, and more than 150 in diverse industries throughout North America and Europe.

As each application is very specific in nature, our experienced staff will design standard and /or custom equipment to meet our client’s needs.



1552 Nationale,

Terrebonne, QC, J6W 6M1


+1 (866) 931-5445

(514) 931-5445

Fax: (514) 931-0629

Plant delivery and pick up hours

Monday : 8am - 15pm30

Tuesday : 8am - 15pm30

Wednesday : 8am - 15pm30

Thursday : 8am - 15pm30

Friday : 8am - 12pm

Saturday : closed

Sunday : closed

Office hours 

Monday : 8am - 17pm

Tuesday : 8am - 17pm

Wednesday : 8am - 17pm

Thursday : 8am - 17pm

Friday : 8am - 17pm

Saturday : closed

Sunday : closed

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