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Screw Conveyors

From Archimede's screw to the 21st Century 

The screw conveyor, also known as an auger conveyor or an helical conveyor takes its basic design from Archimede's screw.

screw conveyor rendering atara equipment atara screw conveyor delivery on truck atara shafted screw conveyor in plant 

Over the years the design has changed (basically the material of construction) and the shafted screw went from pulling water to transporting bulk materials in a safe and efficient manner.

Shafted screw conveyors became a stable element in the bulk material handling process. Efficiently unloading, transporting and distributing from one location to another depending on the material process, using multiple inlets and outlets as required.

They can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, representing one of the most efficient and cost-effective option to convey dry to semi-fluid materials from one process to another.


Atara Equipment Ltd's Screw Conveyors

We supply shafted screw conveyors as per industry standards, CEMA standards, and made to order ones. Our screw conveyors find applications in a lot of different industries, including Agriculture, Breweries, Energy, Food, Mining, Municipal, Pulp & Paper, Recycling... 

Atara equipment designs its own brand of shafted conveyor around the product it will be unloading, transporting and dosing, and our client’s specific needs. We also have a range of standard screw conveyors that can be supplied with short, square, variable or long pitch.

Our spirals are not only used for unloading, transporting and distributing a certain product. They can be designed for mixing dissimilar materials into a homogenized end product.

For additional safety, our conveyors can come with an immediate stop brake system (optional).

atara shafted screw conveyor manufacturing atara screw conveyor manufacturing atara screw conveyor middle bearing

Atara Equipment not only designs standard type troughs, we also designs our troughs for heating (maintaining the required product temperature) and cooling applications (reducing product temperature). For outside applications where it is possible for the material to freeze within the conveyor, heat tracing and insulation is usually required. We can also manufacture enclosed conveyors for corrosive or hazardous requirements.

One important feature of our conveyor design is that there is always a simple access to the inside of the conveyor through removable covers on strategic locations.

Our screw conveyors can be manufactured in a wide range of dimensions and using different material such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (SS304 or SS316), and abrasion resistant alloys, to accommodate your needs and requirements.


Our range of shafted screw conveyors is completed by our complete range of Shaftless Screw Conveyors, designed to operate with stickier material and with a higher fill rate.

We also offer a range of flexible screw conveyors that can be used for different applications.


Screw Conveyor application example 


atara equipment upside down shafted screw conveyor

atara equipment upside down shafted screw conveyor



Typical retractable upside down level loading shafted screw conveyor. The product is introduced through an Inlet chute on top of the conveyor. The product falls past the screw and builds up under the conveyor, when the products angle of repose reaches the spiral, the spiral simply moves the product forward and keeps the product moving forward at the preselected height, until either a operator stops the conveyor or a level sensor placed at the end of the containment bin shuts down the conveyor. once the conveyor is stopped the conveyor can be retracted by using the hoist.



If you want us to contact you about a screw conveyor, you can either contact us through our contact-us page, or using our screw conveyor worksheet.