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Screw Compactors

Atara Equipment manufactures both shafted and shaftless screw compactor. For both Municipal and Industrial applications, designed to meet our clients’ requirements.

Industrial Application:

Styrofoam dust collecting system, collects the dust through a vacuum system passing through a cyclone into the compactor, the compactor compacts the dust into a solid.

atara equipment screw compactor drawing

Screenings compactor:

Issue with shafted spiral: the screens were pulling up rocks, the rock were too big to pass under the shaft of the spiral, the rocks ended up jammed under the spiral lifting the shaft and jamming the spiral against the body of the press.

atara equipment screw compactor shaftless 

Shaftless spiral advantage:

Rocks fit within the flights, the spiral transports the rocks and screenings without jamming, the screenings are still being compacted, both rocks and compacted screenings are exiting the system into the roll off bin.

atara equipment shaftless screw compactor



Shaftless spiral stopping short of the compaction area, (perforated plate formed into a tube).


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